Biomedical/Biobehavioral Research Administration Development (BRAD) Program

The goal of the Universidad Central del Caribe  (UCC) Biomedical/Biobehavioral Research Administration Development (BRAD) Program is to culminate the development of the solid infraestructure established under the previous EARDA Program to support and increase research participation by faculty and students.

Contact Information

Lissette Arroyo, M.B.A.



Research Centers in Minority Institutions (RCMI)

RCMI support is provided by the NCRR Division of Research Infrastructure (DRI).  It provides funding to recruit established and promising researchers, acquire advanced instrumentation, modify laboratories for competitive research, fund core research facilities, and other research support. Because many investigators at RCMI institutions study diseases that disproportionately affect minorities, NCRR support serves the dual purpose of bringing more minority scientists into mainstream research and enhancing studies of minority health.

Contact Information
Eddy Ríos Olivares, Ph.D., M.P.H.



Research Iniciative for Scientific Enhacement (RISE)

The Preparing Future Faculty Program will be developed by Universidad Central del Caribe (UCC) to train Ph.D. candidates in biomedical research and in educational methodology, to prepare them for future careers as academic scientist and educators.  Recruitment of trainees will be easily accomplished, since nearly all students at UCC are members of groups underrepresented in the sciences (Hispanic and economically disadvantaged)
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Specialized Neuroscience Research Programs (SNRP)

The Specialized Neuroscience Research Programs at Minority Institutions strives to help minority institutions develop state-of-the-art neuroscience research programs; to increase ongoing research, stimulating academic and intellectual milieu that will inspire and prepare students and fellows to pursue research careers in neuroscience; and to provide support for the pilot research needed to show the skills and abilities of investigators by obtaining the preliminary data and publications that can help ensure successful competition for traditional research project grants during the performance period of the award.

Contact Information
Vesna Eterovic, Ph.D.