for the School of Medicine

Admission to the Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine is the responsibility of the Admissions Committee. In evaluating applicants, the Admissions Committee considers academic qualifications, personal traits and potential for success in medical school as evidenced in academic records, the results of the Medical College Admission Test, personal statement, and letters of recommendation, personal interviews and health related experience. There is no discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation,  color, race, religion, physical disability, economic status, political ideology or national origin.

Documents for Admission

1.   The Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine participates in the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS). Therefore, all applicants must file an AMCAS application.

2.   A nonrefundable processing fee of $200.00 made payable in money order, to Universidad Central del Caribe.

3.   Official transcript from each college or university attended for all undergraduate and graduate studies. The transcripts must evidence that the applicant has a general academic index of 3.00 or above on a scale where A=4.0. Applicants must approve a minimum of ninety (90) credits at an accredited institution of higher education. A baccalaureate degree is highly recommended.

Required premedical courses and minimum required semester’s credits:


General biology or zoology 8
General chemistry or inorganic chemistry 8
Organic chemistry 8
General physics 8
College mathematics 6
English 12
Spanish 6
Behavioral Sciences and Social Sciences* 12
(*)   Course work must be in sociology, psychology, political sciences, economics, or anthropology.


4.   Official results of the MCAT ( scores taken within two years prior to application. The Admission Committee will only consider MCAT scores of 21 or above for the old version (only until the entering class of August 2017) and strongly recommend 490 or above for the new version.

5.   A letter of recommendation is required from the Pre-medical Committee of the applicant’s undergraduate institution, where there is such committee. Otherwise, the applicant must submit two letters of recommendation from his/her science professors.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to see that the Admissions Office receives all the documentation required including AMCAS, no later than December 15th.

Once the student is admitted to the Program, must pay a $100.00 nonrefundable deposit to assure a place in the SOM.

Admission for Transfer or Advanced Standing

Applications for transfer or advanced standing to Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine will be considered from those who are currently enrolled in Liaison Committee on Medical Education accredited medical schools or American Osteopathy Association accredited Schools of Osteopathy. Applicants from non-LCME accredited medical schools will beconsidered on the basis of individual merits. Transfer applicants may apply for admission for advanced standing to the second or third year of the curriculum leading to the M.D. degree.

Admission is on a competitive basis, and the number of students admitted depends upon the availability of spaces in the total number of students per class, as suggested by the LCME. The Admissions Committee in collaboration with the Evaluation and Promotion Committee will reserve the right to recommend the placement according to UCC-SOM curriculum.

The applicants must fulfill the following requirements and request the indicated documents to be forwarded to Universidad Central del Caribe School of Medicine to be eligible for consideration:

An Institutional Application with the nonrefundable processing fee of $100.00 made payable in money order, to Universidad Central del Caribe.

Official evidence of all requirements for admission to first year.

Official transcripts from all medical colleges attended.

A letter of evaluation from the Dean of the School of Medicine currently being attended. The Dean’s letter must acknowledge that the applicant has requested to transfer and must certify the applicant’s current academic status. All applicants must submit official results of Step I of the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination with their application.

Original certificate of Police Record issued recently by the Police Department of pertinent state or county.

A letter indicating his/her interested to be considered in UCC-SOM as a transfer student.

The deadline to receive a complete SOM transfer application is April 1st.